no more nøught pages here.

i finally got round to taking most of this site down like i should have done a very long time ago. apologies for the mess i made of it. for up to date nought information, see their official website at, where you can also sign up for an email update list for gig news, etc.

i've left the old press articles up here (pictures here) just in case; there's nothing recent there, it's mainly old articles from nightshift

quick discography - all of the following are on shifty disco, some of these tracks have also been included on compilations:

  • cough cap kitty cat (DISCO9703). released 10 march 97, limited edition of 1000. tracks: 1. cough cap kitty cat; 2. ignatius
  • redrag ep as part of "a quick one too" 2-cd split with dustball (DISCO QUICK12). released 27 october 1997. tracks: 1. redrag; 2. breathe glass (with giles hogben on violin); 3. the twister (with alex ward on saxophone) + flies remixes
  • self-titled album (SHIFTY0000). released 30 october 2000. tracks: 1. the fans; 2. nøught i; 3. cough cap kitty cat; 4. redrag; 5. goddess awakes: i) the tricks of strangers, ii) locker, iii) widow's lament; 6. stain stones; 7. all the time ha-ha!; 8. heart stops twice; 9. nøught ii; 10. ignatius [album versions of previously released tracks are different from original single versions]

for live photos, see the oxphoto, skippy's cage (nought photos here) and nunuworldmusic photo archives. (background stolen from oxphoto and inexpertly tussled with)

thanks to the following people for testing, content and generally being helpful way back when these pages were still maintained: helen, caroline, timo, gez from oxphoto, ash, nightshift, p p pete, shifty disco and of course nought themselves.

the following people and pages have said nice things about nought in the past and are worth taking a look at: skippy's cage, organart, misfit city, dj martian, audioscope, vacuous pop, house of stairs, oxfordbands, nunuworldmusic and the mighty john peel... oh, and here's a link to former nought keyboard and theremin player miss hypnotique's page

thanks for the support, sorry for being an inept and wasteful slacker and all that...